How To: Test bObsweep Standard's Sensors and Parts

Test bObsweep Standard's Sensors and Parts

If you're ever worried about your bObsweep's well being, you can always do a home check-up test to make sure all of bOb's parts are in working shape. As long as bOb has some charge, you can diagnose any potential issues by following the video guide for performing bObsweep Standard's check up test.

This diagnostic contains details specific to the bObsweep Standard Model only. If this is not your model, try the guide for bObsweep Pethair's check up test.

If everything responds properly, all of bOb's internal parts and sensors are working correctly.

If you see differences during your test, feel free to contact bObsweep's customer support by telephone or email for further assistance tailored to your situation.

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