Forum Thread: How to Win Rook and Pawn vs Rook Endgame in Chess?

Chess endgames are often not studied keenly by beginners in chess. But, They are extremely important if you want to improve your game.for eg, Magnus Carlsen is unbelievably strong in chess endgames and this is what makes him stronger than other players of similar strength. Rook Endgames are probably the most common Endgames ever.

This youtube video covers Rook and Pawn vs Rook Endgame extensively.

1.Lucena Position - 1:00
2.Alternate Winning Idea - 6:13
3.Philidor Position - 8:29
4.Short Side Defense - 11:10
5.Short Side Defense (F Pawn) - 13:52
6.Frontal Defense - 15:30
7.Passive Defense - 17:43
8.Passive Defense(F Pawn) - 19:38
9.Checking From The Side Defense - 20:51
10.Rook Pawn (Lucena Position) - 24:45
11.Rook Pawn (White Wins) - 26:35
12.Rook Pawn(Black Draws) - 30:34
13.Rook Pawn(Skewer) - 32:48
14.Vancura Position - 35:18
15.Knight Pawn Exception(White Wins) - 38:36
16.Knight Pawn Exception(Black Draws) - 41:02

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